• Ima Maria Universitas Veteran
  • Wahyu Indah Dewi Aurora fkik unja
  • Armaidi Darmawan Universitas Jambi
  • Erny Kusdiyah Universitas Jambi
  • Nuriyah Universitas Jambi



Background: Young Woman are the most vulnerable group to experience anemia due to iron
deficiency because of the period of physical growth, reproductive maturation, and cognitive
transformation that requires high levels of micro and macro nutrients, including iron. In young
women, anemia that lasts a long time will put the mother at risk of death, have the potential to give
birth to premature babies, and have the potential to give birth to babies with low body weight, which
are risk factors for stunting. This study will examine Hb levels in high school students in Jambi City.
Methods: This study is a quantitative study with a cross-sectional design to describe anemia. The
research will be conducted in all Jambi City Public High Schools in August-September 2022. The
number of samples used in this study was 505. The sampling technique used was simple random
sampling at thirteen Public High Schools in Jambi City.
Results: The study was conducted on young women in the city of Jambi who occupy high school
education. Of the 504 research respondents, 61 people (12.1%) had anemia, 443 people (87.9%)
were normal. The median Hb level is 14.6 g/dl with a maximum value of 25.8 g/dl and a minimum
value of <7 g/dl. Based on the regular monthly menstruation, 446 people (88.5%) admitted that they
had regular menstruation. The number of young women who regularly consume iron tablets is 32
people (6.3%). The habit of consuming tea or coffee with food was 332 people (65.9%) and the habit
of consuming soda with food was 171 people (33.9%).
Conclusion: High school students in Jambi City still suffer from anemia. Further intervention is
needed in giving iron tablets to adolescents and education in preventing anemia.
Keywords: Anemia, Young Women


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Maria, I., Aurora, W. I. D., Darmawan, A., Kusdiyah, E., & Nuriyah. (2023). ANEMIA STATUS IN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, JAMBI CITY. Jambi Medical Journal : Jurnal Kedokteran Dan Kesehatan, 11(3), 334-339.

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