Author Guidelines

Journal of the Indonesian Society of Integrated Chemistry (JISIC) accepts manuscripts which include research results, reviews of the latest literature in the fields of biological and non-biological chemistry, applications and education as well as other fields related to chemistry that have never been and are not under consideration for publication other

Manuscripts must be typed using the Microsoft Word program

The manuscript is written in good and correct Indonesian or English, clear, straightforward and concise. The manuscript is typed on A4 paper with two (2) spaces, except for the single (1) space abstract. Reciprocal typing is not permitted. Types are numbered starting from the title page. The top, bottom, left and right borders of each page are 2.5 cm.

Systematic research manuscripts for uniformity in writing. Specifically for research manuscripts  must follow the following systematics:

Essay title (Title): the title is written in capital letters. Manuscripts that have been presented at national scientific meetings are annotated in the form of footnotes.
Author's Name and Institution: The author's name must be accompanied by the author's faculty origin. Correspondence address is written complete with telephone number and email.
Abstract (Abstract): must be written in English and Indonesian. Abstract length does not exceed 200 words.
Key words written to accompany the abstract are written in English and Indonesian. Keywords are placed under the title after the abstract and should not be a repetition of the words in the title.
Introduction: contains the theoretical background, objectives of the research that has been carried out.
Methods: include materials, tools and procedures, data collection or formula derivation.
Results: contain a clear description of the research results, if necessary, accompanied by tables, pictures, diagrams or photos.
Discussion: includes a review of research results related to objectives and hypotheses as well as results of similar research that have been published and directions for further research.
Conclusion: contains research conclusions briefly and clearly.
Acknowledgments: if necessary, address those who have contributed to the research and writing of the article.
Bibliography (Reference): compiled according to the APA system.

For uniformity in the special writing of the Literature Review Review, the following systematics must be followed:

Author's name and author's institution
Text, which consists of: Introduction (including the problem to be discussed), Discussion, Conclusion