Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism policy is necessary to avoid any form of plagiarism of scientific works or research results that have indications of the same compatibility with other people's research. We categorically reject this form of plagiarism because it contradicts the publication ethics and publication policies we apply to Communale Journal. To that end, in this plagiarism policy we conclude as follows:

  1. Any form of plagiarism or plagiarism is not allowed;
  2. Authors must ensure that they have written honestly and are entirely original works. If the author has used someone else's work or words, then the author must make sure he has done the citation appropriately;
  3. Manuscripts written by authors must be writings that have never been and are not being sent to other publications. If it is found that a manuscript submitted or published to more than one journal at the same time is unethical and unacceptable because it violates publication ethics;
  4. Recognition of the work of others must be carried out appropriately. The author must cite publications belonging to others that can be influential in determining the nature of the reported work.

Forms of Prevention of the presence of plagiarism:

  1. The editorial team will examine the manuscripts in our OJS data center offline and online, as well as manually check the manuscripts in each section of the citation;
  2. The editorial team will use the Turnitin application to see plagiarism on the article. If there is an indication of plagiarism of more than 25%, the editorial board will reject the manuscript.