Focus and Scope

Communale Journal is an interdisciplinary scientific journal managed by the Center for Science and Technology (Pusat Unggulan Ipteks)-PUI Universitas Jambi, and publishes twice a year, in February and July. The word communale stands for Conflict Management of Use Natural Environment. As the name implies, this journal publishes scientific papers and research results that focus on conflict management on the use of natural resources using the perspectives of Law, Economics, Politics, Defense and Security, Education, Agriculture, Forestry and disaster. Comunnale Journal welcomes academics, scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners who are involved in the field of conflict management in the use of natural resources, using the perspectives of Law, Economy, Politics, Education, Agriculture, and Forestry to contribute scientific work and the results of their research published in the Communale Journal.

Communale Journal is committed to publishing twice a year and specifically providing manuscripts in English form. The journal provides direct open access to its content on the principle that research available for free to a general audience can support a wider exchange of knowledge.