Focus and Scope

Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Terapan Universitas Jambi, an electronic journal, provides a forum for publishing the original research articles related to Applied Science, Science Education, Technology, Public Health, and Economic Development.

This journal encompasses original research articles, including:

  • Applied Science. Including studies in Applied Physics General, Energy Science and Technology, Quantum Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Green Sustainable Science and Technology, Earth Sciences and Geography, Ecology Science and Engineering, Applied Biosciences and Bioengineering, Applied Dentistry and Oral Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Industrial Technologies, Food Science and Technology, Marine Science and Engineering, Transportation and Future Mobility, Agricultural Science and Technology.
  • Science Education. The journal provides a forum where the latest advances in research into the teaching, learning, and assessment of biology can contribute to policy and practice in biological education.
  • Environment. Including studies on Environmental Conservation, Ecology, Ecosystem, biodiversity and natural capital
  • Public Health. Including studies on the use of information technology in enabling effective monitoring and surveillance, supporting improved decision-making, and improving population health, Public health theory, models and frameworks, Effectiveness, management and re-design of health and social care services/support, and wider determinant services such as education, welfare, employment services to improve public health, Public health policy and comparisons, Need or impact assessments with a strategic/population level focus.
  • Economic Development. Including studies on all aspects of economic development - from immediate policy concerns to structural problems of underdevelopment