Zaaken: Journal of Civil and Business Law (ISSN Online 2721-5318, ISSN Print 2721-8759) is a one blind peer review journal published by the Civil Law Department, Faculty of Law, Jambi University. The Journal is intended to become forum for academics, researchers, and practitioners in the field of civil and business law to publish research results or conceptual study articles. The scope of articles published in the Journal discusses various topics including (but not limited to): (1) Civil Law, (2) Commercial Law; (3) Engagement Law; (4) Company Law; (5) Islamic Law; ( 6) Islamic Inheritance Law; (7) Civil Inheritance Law; (8) Transportation Law; (9) Bankruptcy Law; (10) Customary Law; (11) Customary Inheritance Law; and (12) Banking Law in the context and study of Indonesian Law in a global perspective. The journal, which has been published since 2019, is published three times each year in February, June, and October.

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): Februari 2024

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