PENGARUH CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MARKETING DAN NILAI NASABAH TERHADAP LOYALITAS NASABAH (Studi Kasus: Pada PT Bank Muamalat Cabang Jambi) The Effect of Customer Relationship Marketing and Customer Value to Customer Loyalty (Case Study: Muamalat Bank Ja

  • Harniza Harun


This study analyzes of the effect of customer relationship marketing  and customer value to customer loyalty. The object of this study is the Jambi branch of Bank Muamalat Indonesia. Research problem refers to the phenomenon of the business to the criticism and suggestions received from the ministry of consumer behavior refers to rumsan problem How to Influence Customer relationship marketing on customer loyalty. The research objective was formulated to seek answers to the flow that affect customer loyalty. Models that were formulated in this study aims to provide a critical understanding of the concept and measurement of customer loyalty. Researchers incorporate elements of customer relationship marketing as an antecedent and have significant consequences for customer loyalty. In addition to a theoretical modeling, this study has formulated two hypotheses. The method has been selected purposively to obtain the required data in this study. The study used 100 respondents, and all respondents were clients of Bank Muamalat Indonesia Branch Jambi. Data analysis using descriptive qualitative and verification by the independent variable (X) costomer relationship marketing, (Y) is loyalty, multiple regression using a computerized program SPSS for widows Release10.untuk see the influence of each of the variables that affect customer loyalty. The results of this study indicate that the costomer relationship marketing, and customer value in the show with a value of R Square, 747 or 74.7% positively affect customer loyalty Jambi branch of Bank Muamalat Indonesia.

Keywords: customer relationship marketing, influence customer loyalty.


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