About the Journal

Jurnal Ilmiah Sosio-Ekonomika Bisnis is a scientific journal that publishes various original research articles and reviews (by invitation) about the socio-economy in agriculture, including agribusiness and food information and regulation. This journal is an official publication of the Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, Jambi Agricultural University Indonesia, published since 2010. It is published twice yearly (in June and December). 

Jurnal Ilmiah Sosio Ekonomika Bisnis has been getting a certificated Akreditasi (SINTA 5) since October 24th, 2018. The decree is valid for 5 years 

Since January 2010,  Journal Ilmiah Sosio Ekonomika Bisnis has been published twice a year in June and December. Every volume published consisted of 5 - 10 articles.