Peer review process

Peer review is essential in ensuring that the Journal of Perspectives on Financing and Regional Development (Jurnal Perspektif Pembiayaan dan Pembangunan Daerah) publishes high-quality research that benefits the entire scientific community. Papers submitted to the journal undergo strict plagiarism checks through our double-check process, which involves software and manual examinations. Once the article passes this step, it is subjected to editorial review for scope, relevance, and other standard requirements.

Initially, the editorial office reviews all submissions to the journal. At this stage, manuscripts may be rejected directly by the editors if they are beyond the journal's scope or do not meet scientific or linguistic standards.

Manuscripts that successfully pass the screening stage are then sent out for review electronically, with all correspondence occurring via email and the online journal management system.

The Journal of Perspectives on Financing and Regional Development employs a double-blind review process in which the reviewer and author's identities are concealed throughout the review process.

Peer reviewers have the following possible options for each article:

  • Accept manuscript: published as is
  • Accept after minor revision: acceptance is contingent upon minor revisions
  • Reconsider after major revision: the manuscript requires substantial revisions and another round of review
  • Reject manuscript: the manuscript is substandard

The final decision to accept or reject a paper and recommendations to the author(s) rests with the individual editor responsible for evaluating the manuscript. Our rigorous and inclusive review process ensures that the journal represents a diverse array of high-quality research within the field of economics.