Sitotoksisitas Fraksi Piper porphyrophyllum terhadap Sel Kanker T47D

  • Yus Hargono Cahyaning Yudi Universitas Al-Ghifari Bandung
  • Hartanto Nugroho Universitas Gadjah Mada
Keywords: Piper, Cytotoxicity, MTT Assay


Genus  Piper  has  been  using  traditionally  as  medicines. Piper aborescen, P. crocatum, P. Imperiale, P.  longum, and P. methysticum have  ability  to  inhibit breast  cancer  proliferation.  This research goal is to know cytotoxic activity of Piper porphyrophyllum fraction against T47D cancer cell. Extraction it’s leaves use soxhlet with chloroform as solvent then use vacuum liquid chromatography. Cytotoxic activity of Piper porphyrophyllum fraction determined by MTT assay. The  result  showed  that fraction group A has lowest IC50 (36.22  µg/ml).


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