Meningkatkan Motivasi dan Pemahaman Konsep Perbandingan Fungsi Trigonometri melalui Model Pembelajaran Jigsaw di SMA Negeri 8 Kota Jambi

  • Fitri Haryani SMAN 8 Kota Jambi,


Classroom action research by applying the Jigsaw learning model was conducted in learning of Mathematics in class X of SMAN 8 Jambi in the second semester of 2012. The results show that the Jigsaw learning model enhanced students’ motivation on the concept of comparison of trigonometric functions from 40% to 66%. The Jigsaw learning model also enhances the degree of student learning completeness on the comparative trigonometric functions concept by 31%. In addition the Jigsaw model also boosted students’ competence in terms of comparison of trigonometric functions from 45 to 70 after the class action research.


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