Pengembangan Lembar Kegiatan Siswa Berbasis Etnosains yang Berkarakter pada Materi Taksonomi Tumbuhan untuk Siswa SMA

The Development Student Worksheet Based on Etnoscience Characterized on Plant Taxonomic Materials at Senior High School


  • Wenny Nureflia Program Studi Magister Pendidikan IPA Universitas Jambi
  • Revis Asra Program Studi Magister Pendidikan IPA Universitas Jambi
  • Nazaruddin Nazaruddin Program Studi Magister Pendidikan IPA Universitas Jambi



Traditional knowledge held by society contains character values ​​and scientific concepts, but such knowledge is frequently ignored. This study aims to develop Student Activity Sheets on plant taxonomy based on ethnoscience for high school, and analyze the response of teachers and students to the products developed. The model used in this study follows the ADDIE stages. The instrument used is a response questionnaire given to teachers and students. Product feasibility was analyzed through the results of material expert validation and design experts. The result of the study is in the form of student worksheet based on ethnoscience and character values ​​for plant taxonomy material. The results of product validation obtained a score of 74 ("very valid") for the material aspects while the design validation obtained a score of 46 ("valid"). The results of the small group and large group trials obtained percentages of 87,0% and 89,0% respectively; both were in the excellent category. The teacher's response obtained an average score of 44 which was also in the excellent category. Overall student worksheets based on ethnics and character values ​​in material plant taxonomy for high school students is feasible to be used in plant taxonomy learning in schools.


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2018-01-31 — Updated on 2018-01-31