Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Berdasarkan Teori Apos pada Materi Fungsi Kuadrat

  • Arie Gusman MPIPA
  • Kamid Kamid
  • Syamsurizal Syamsurizal
Keywords: Development, Multimedia Interactive, APOS Theory, Quadratic function


Learning quadratic functions that had been performed by the majority of vocational school and high school mathematics teacher in Kuala Tungkal is still using conventional learning media. The use of conventional learning media is experiencing a lot of obstacles, such as: a fairly long time in describing the graph function, especially when analyzing some quadratic function graphs with various characteristics. APOS is one of the constructivist learning theory which states that students learn through several stages, namely: action – process – object – schema. And to integrate into media APOS writer adapting ADDIE development model. The effectiveness of the use of media-based learning theory APOS seen from the student activity sheet can be concluded more increased activity of students in the learning process. Study of the test results, students were able to meet the completeness criteria stipulated minimum is 75. With an average value of learning outcomes, namely 87.14. It can be seen from the students' responses on a test group of small and large groups where it is concluded that researchers develop learning media can be categorized as good / interesting in the teaching and learning of mathematics.


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