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Indonesian Journal of Teacher Education (IJoT-Edu) publish by Magister English Teacher Association (META), Master Program of English Language Education, Universitas Jambi, Jambi, Indonesia. IJoT-Edu provides a vital forum for considering practice, policy, and research in teacher education. It examines some of the most timely and important topics in the field, such as: New Teacher Education Standards in Indonesia and Global society; Assessing the Outcomes of Teacher Education in Indonesia and Global society;  Preparing Teachers to Meet the Needs of Diverse Populations; Teacher Education in Indonesia and Global society; The Research Base for Teacher Education in Indonesia and Global society; Accountability and Accreditation Issues in Indonesia and Global society; Collaborating with Arts and Sciences Faculties; Recruiting a More Diverse Teaching Force and Teacher Education Faculty; School-based and Partnership-based Teacher Education; Alternative Approaches to Teacher Education; High Stakes Testing for Teachers and Students; Leadership in 21st Century Schools of Education; The Changing Demographics of Schools and Schooling development in the purpose, structure and methodology of teacher education; curriculum issues in Indonesia and Global society; Changes in schools; or general social, ideological or political issues relating to teacher education. For all authors, make sure before you submitted your article on IJoT-Edu, your article has been already fulfils the creteria: 1. Are original and have not been submitted to any other publication; 2. Have at least 15 references with 90% of scientific Journals; 3. Use references published on the last 7 years; 4.Structured using APA 6th style; 5. Use template specified by IJoT-Edu; 6.Use reference manager e.g. Mendeley to managing the references; Indonesian Journal of Teacher Education (IJoT-Edu) was published three time a year in April, Auguts, and December. Every issue consisted of 10 - 15 articles so that the total number of article per year is 30-45 articles.  Email:
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