PENGARUH BAHAN DAN DOSIS KOMPOS CAIR TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN SELADA (Lactuca sativa sp.) (The Effect Of Material And Dosages Of Liquid Organic Fertilizers On Lettuce (Lactuca sativa Sp.) Growth)

Made Deviani Duaja



The aim of this research is to examine the effect of different materialS anddosages of liquid organic fertilizer toward growth and yield of lettuce. Theexperiment was conducted at Agriculture farm, Jambi University. Thelaboratory analysis of soil and plant is conducted at AgricultureLaboratory and material of organic fertilizers in BALITRO, Bogor.Research design used factorial, arranged with randomized complete blockdesigned. The treatment are Factor I material of organic compost liquid,control (p0), Imperata cylindrica (p1), Cromolaena odorata (p2) andLeucena lecochepala (p3), and the second factor are dosage, control (d0),5 ml (d1), 10 ml (d2) and 15 ml (d3). The result show that there areinteraction between liquid compost material and dosage on growthparameter, number of leaves, leaf area, plant height, fresh weight danplant yield. The trend of growth parameter indicates that compostmaterial Cromolaena odorata at dosage 15 ml showed the highest. Thesame result achieved at lettuce yield. However, in this research theoptimum combination of liquid compost material and dosage was not yetattainable.

Key words: Fertilizers, Lettuce, Cromolaena, Leucena, Imperata

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